At the core of my practice is the search for a visual language that responds to how societal structures and systems are breaking down all around us. I work across painting and sculpture and use traditional techniques including the application of multiple layers of pigmented chalk gesso. The resultant palimpsests are eroded, and hidden layers are revealed by subtraction.
In these works my process involves working with pigments extracted from materials collected from the Thames foreshore. The core, the soil of the land is inherent in the work. Gesso is made with chalk from the detritus of the cliffs that keep the English Channel at bay, thus linking my socio political intent with an exploration of the possibilities of paint on canvas. The work is infused with notions of permanence and impermanence. I use an ostensibly modernist aesthetic which at times is evocative of brutalist architecture, to invoke ideas of broken utopias.
In Puddle Dock and Limehouse Reach, the paint is deliberately distressed. Cracks sprawl across their surfaces, curving, jittery, crazed. These cracks evoke distorted modernist grids and broken flesh. Surface is attacked, broken down, then polished, cherished, caressed and cosseted. 
A quiet violence resonates throughout the work.