At the core of my practice is the search for a visual language, using the traditions of painting, to respond to the way societal structures and systems are breaking down all around us. I have become specifically interested in the ideas of broken physical and socio-political utopias.
My latest works respond to the brutalist architecture of St. Peter’s seminary in Cardross. This visionary building was only used for 14 years before being abandoned and is now in ruins. My intention is to produce works that represent an emotional response to the place rather than a pastiche of it. In this way, I aim to share the experience of visiting the site with the viewer.
Cracks sprawl across the works, curving, jittery, crazed. These cracks evoke distorted modernist grids and broken flesh. Surface is attacked, broken down, then polished, cherished, caressed and cosseted. The work is diverse and includes paintings and sculpture. These are infused with notions of permanence and impermanence to invoke these ideas of broken utopias.
An overriding sense of melancholy pervades the work.