In search of the sublime, Andrew Szczech is a painter who acts as a mediator between conscious actions and the activity of material. On a metaphorical level, he focuses on the investigation of systems and structures and their symbiotic relationship with those existing within them.


Incompatible materials are routinely used that squabble with each other to achieve supremacy. Traditional artists’ materials such as linen, canvas, graphite and oil paints are contrasted against industrial materials including steel, girders and aluminium. 


Constantly evolving, ghosts of earlier images are frequently reused as recurring motifs. Palettes range from the neon intensity of colours used in the construction industry to those used in a restrained Gwen John portrait. Netting, belt sanders and other heavy duty equipment are employed in order both to avoid habituation and so that their indexical marks are embedded within the surface itself.


The work exudes a quiet violence, a disturbing elegance.

© 2020 andrew szczech