Andrew Szczech is an artist who primarily works with paint to investigate themes around structures and systems and how these are being broken down all around us. Layers of paint and other materials are added and subtracted to finally reveal quiet, understated and disturbingly elegant works.


Recurring themes around the complexity of painting itself and what paint can do are explored. The construction of each object can be seen in the traces of the steps that are taken in the process thus revealing the underlying strata.  The work not only responds to structural decay and entropy, but also provides the viewer with an antidote to them.  Notions of permanence and impermanence permeate.


Alongside the use of shop bought art materials, pigments collected from the shoreline of the Thames and chalk cliffs that keep the English Channel at bay are employed. The very core, the very soil of the land inherent in the work.  A variety of traditional art methods are used including fresco painting, gesso layers these and glazing which exist in opposition to and in harmony with industrial materials.